Passionate Presenting

"There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

Nelson Mandela

We teach people to find their true voice and become passionate presenters with an emphasis on authenticity, passion and clarity. 

To be passionate one can say is how a person:

            "Pass - I - On"

This is how an audience connects to its presenter - through the emotions and thoughts generated from the sheer passion shared.

We teach people to present such that passion is heard.

The great presenters are present and they make their audience:

- Present to the moment

- Present to the story

- Present to emotions demonstrated

Presenting is not a gift or talent few receive - It is a learned behavior and we can teach you and your team how to connect with your most authentic voice.


This learnt behaviour is a product of body language, contact visual aids, engagement, language patterns, tonality and the words, the language and the syntax. 

We teach people to be passionate presenters and make audiences present to the passion and the message that you are sharing. 


  • Loss of fear of public speaking
  • Structure to present passionately in any situation
  • Structure to create a passionate presentation in 3 minutes
  • How to present in a 30 second elevator pitch
  • How to present in an all day work shop
  • How to utilise body language, the stage position, anchoring,
  • How to use visual aids including butcher paper, white boards and powerpoint.
  • How to be a passionate presenter


We can teach this individually or in groups up to 12 people

We can do this indoors or outdoors and can custom adapt it to your situation. 

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