The Shackleton Challenge

Sir Ernest Shackleton was said to be the greatest leader that ever existed who
did not achieve his goal. 

However, today, it is now believed that he did indeed achieve his goal. Facing horrific circumstances
and against all odds, he saved the lives of all 28 of his men who sailed with him on the ill fated Endurance expedition. 

Our Shackleton Challenge
team building program is to builder tighter teams whilst instilling the
characteristics of Shackleton as a leader. We have found this to be a crowd pleaser.

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Our education is structured o:

1.) Discover

2.) Define

3.) Deliver

The topic taught within this structure include:

1.) The path to leadership.

2.) Hiring an outstanding crew.

3.) Creating a spirit of camaraderie.

4.) Getting the best from each individual

5.) Leading effectively in a crisis.

6.) Forming teams for tough assignments

7.) Overcoming obstacles to reach a goal.

8.) Leaving a legacy.

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