Personality Profiling

"After having completed many personality profiling programs including Myers Briggs and DiSC, I have found that The Click! Colours  system is the best" - Peter Bland 

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed. "

Carl Jung

The cards have been strategically designed for maximum impact. When you combine this with our unique learning methodology, you get an enjoyable, memorable and highly effective learning experience.

The following lists summarise the key features and benefits of the Click! Colours and shows why it is a superlative tool for helping people understand and value diversity. It demonstrates why the Click! Colours are fast becoming the tool of choice for facilitators and leaders around the world who want to maximise the potential and performance of their people, teams and organisations.

Which one are you?

The Click! Colours is memorable.

  • Neuroscience techniques create memory hooks to embed learning
  • Simple to complex - left/right brain metaphor to four quadrants to more information
  • Type names describes behaviour
  • Colours are a metaphor for behaviour
  • Shapes are a metaphor for behaviour
  • Characters - engage and reinforce

The Click! Colours is engaging.

  • Fun to use
  • Incorporate humour
  • Generate humour
  • Visual - colour, shapes, pictures
  • Audio - facilitate discussion
  • Kinesthetic - tactile, facilitate movement
  • Print-oriented - summary cards
  • Feels like playing a game
  • Incorporates whole brain thinking
  • Cooperative learning
  • Non-threatening-suitable for all types of employee

An integral part of Leadership

When designing the ideal leadership program for your firm or for the individual, we incorporate the personality profiling for an in depth exploration of your goals and that of your firms. This toll can be used stand alone and in partnership with our outdoors program. 

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