September 20 - 27th 2021


You’re invited. 

Join our group of adventurous, like-minded people who are passionate about environment.  Experience first-hand the beauty of the Arctic wildlife, the majesty of the northern lights, the thrill of sailing a tall-masted vessel.  This is a unique opportunity to witness the impacts of global warming and empower yourself and your community to do something about it.

This Northern Enlightenment Expedition is an Adventure like no other. It is an adventure with purpose.

Our purpose

Each participating adventurer will leave the expedition:

- Having had an incredible and enjoyable experience from the moment they register for the trip.

- Inspired by the beauty of the Arctic scenery and wildlife.

- Having discovered new insights and capabilities - physical, intellectual and emotional – which  enable them to newly take on the challenges of life.

- Informed with first-hand knowledge of the impacts of climate change.

- With friendships that will last a lifetime.

Trip Details

There are 10 private cabins with 2 berths on the 153 foot yacht Noorderlicht. Twenty of us will undertake this journey together. 

2021 September 20 - 27th  (7 nights) Northern Entlightment Expedition to the Arctic, Svalbard, aboard Noorderlicht         

When you register for this adventure, you’re also joining a conversation in a small committed community that will continue throughout 2020.  Fortnightly conference calls among participants will establish our community and help shape our itinerary. Occasional get togethers may also be schedule such that by the time we gather in September 2020 we will board our private yacht in Longyearben with people you know well and equipped to continue a conversation amidst the beauty of the Arctic and its unique wildlife.

If you wish to comfortably travel paths less worn, this trip is for you.  Aboard our 153 foot, steel-hulled, tall-masted yacht we will come into close contact with this wilderness of polar icecaps, fjords, polar bears and glowing skies. Your photographs will be amazing. 

There are 19 species of marine mammals that are found in Svalbard waters. This includes polar bears, walruses, five species of seals and 12 species of whales and two species of land mammals; the arctic fox and Svalbard reindeer. 

Days will be filled sailing a tall ship, snow shoeing, photographing Arctic wonders and communing over delicious meals and reviewing the wildlife we have seen and local villagers we have met.

Itinerary, subject to local weather.

Prior to departure:

From registration to departure, you’ll be invited to participate in regular bridge calls and gatherings between participants to meet, share interests and get you well prepared with all relevant information and gear.

After departure:

If, like most of our group, you’ll be flying from Australia, you can go via either Bangkok or Qatar, on to Longyearbyen via Oslo. We recommend spending a couple of days on the way over or back at each of these places and we will provide you with a recommended itinerary for your stop overs should you choose to do this.

After Arrival in Longyearbyen

Day 1: Largest town, biggest island

You touch down in Longyearbyen, the administrative center of Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago. Enjoy strolling around this former mining town, whose parish church and Svalbard Museum make for fascinating attractions. Though the countryside appears stark, more than a hundred species of plant have been recorded in it. In the early evening the ship sails out of Isfjorden, where you might spot the first minke whale of your voyage. In the evening you sail for Trygghamna, where you see the remains of a 17th-century English whaling station and 18th-century Pomor hunting station, both of which you can visit the next morning.

Day 2 – 5: Glacial fjords, historic finds

Leaving Trygghamna early in the morning, you sail to the north side of Bellsund. Here you find a fjord system with two major branches: Van Mijenfjord and Van Keulenfjord – and one smaller side bay, Recherchefjord. The geology has created particularly unique landscapes here, such as the long and narrow island of Akseløya, which blocks Van Mijenfjord almost completely. In Fridtjovhamna, the calving glacier Fridtjovbreen is surrounded by picturesque mountains.

The rich wildlife of this area has attracted hunters throughout the centuries. At Ahlstrandhalvøya you can walk in the hunters’ footsteps, examining the remains of their huts. Recherchefjord has one of the highest concentration of historical sites in all of Spitsbergen, ranging from 17th century whaling culture to the mining period of the early 20th century. The glacier Recherchebreen ends at a lagoon, likely to be frozen in October, and several smaller icebergs. Polar bears are commonly sighted all over Bellsund, so keep your eyes open for them and for the belugas that frequent this area.

Day 6: Russian waypoints

You next pay a visit to Barentsburg, the only inhabited Russian settlement in Spitsbergen. An alternative is Colesbukta, an abandoned Russian coal mining settlement.

Day 7: Chasing the Arctic chill

Sailing into the inner reaches of the Isfjord system, you can see the new ice that is forming on the heads of the fjords. You may also experience temperatures as low as -10° C (14° F), depending on how clear the sky is.

Day 8: There and back again

Every adventure, no matter how grand, must eventually come to an end. You disembark in Longyearbyen, taking home memories that will accompany you wherever your next adventure lies.


This gives you an idea of what you might be likely to see.

Arctic Fox with Pink-footed Goose on the menu

Arctic Tern with a little snack

Bearded seal

Blue iceberg

Bog Saxifrage

Fuglesangen (Spitsbergen)

Group of lounging Walruss

Humpback whales are seen more often

Ivory Gulls

King Eider duck taking off

Little Auk couple

Minke whales are sometimes spotted

More Walruss in a stunning scenery

Old trapper's hut on Blomstrandhalvoya

Zodiac cruising, wildlife spotting

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

Purple Saxifrage on Spitsbergen

Rusty remains of the mining history

Observing the wildlife


Svalbard poppy growing on a whale bone

Svalbard Reindeer

Swimming Polar Bear

Arctic Fox

Zodiac observing wildlife

Our vessel:


The ‘Noorderlicht’ was originally built in 1910 in Flensburg, Germany as a three-masted schooner. For most of her existence she served as a light-vessel on the Baltic. In 1991 the present owners purchased the hull and re-rigged and refitted her thoroughly, under the rules of “Register Holland”.

Passengers: 18 in 9 cabins

Staff & crew: 7

Length: 46 meters (153 feet)

Breadth: 6,5 meters (22 feet)

Draft: 3,2 meters (11 feet)

Ice class: Strengthened bow

Displacement: 300 tonnes

Propulsion: 360 hp diesel

Speed: 6 knots average cruising

Svalanbard, reindeer and Noorderlicht

Noorderlicht at full sail

Stroll after dinner

Coming back to our private ice marina

Noorderlicht cabin

Noorderlicht deck plan

Noorderlicht dining area

Noorderlicht dining and lecture room

Noorderlicht, bar & dining area


On the lookout s/v Noorderlicht

Noorderlicht sailing Lofoten North Norway


(Payment in Full)

USD 4,670 per person twin share inclusive of all meals, soft drinks, accomodation for dates of voyage and activities.

Payment Terms: 

20% ($934 USD) Initial deposit to secure berth 

20% ($934 USD) 1st February 2021 

10% ($467 USD) 1st May 2021 

50% ($2,335 USD) 1st July 2021 

All payments after the initial deposit only come into effect provided there are – in association with a pandemic - no quarantine restrictions for international travelers & no flight restrictions from Oslo to Longyearbyen imposed by the Norwegian authorities.In case the above mentioned restrictions are in place at given times when deposit(s) will be expected , such deposit(s) will be moved until the point when the above mentioned restrictions have been lifted.

For new clients that book since the outbreak of Covid 19: If by 20th of July 2021 the above mentioned restrictions are in place  all previous payments will be fully refunded 

Please note this leadership expedition may be tax deductible for some in leadership, managerial and sales roles.

Dates and Order Form:

This is the order form that was to be used for 2020 before it was cancelled.

The new dates are 20th - 27th of September 2021

 Download order form now

here are only 7 cabins available. To enquire further or to secure your place please contact us now.

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