A Step Too Far

Peter Bland’s life has always been about over coming challenges and taking that extra step, but sometimes it’s been a step too far. Like the time he stepped from his tent during an unsupported crossing of the Antarctic peninsula and was swept away by an avalanche, ending up unconscious and near death 40 metres down a crevasse. Or the time he dived under a stricken yacht adrift among icebergs in the Southern Ocean on a voyage to the South Magnetic Pole – without a wet suit and with the external air temperature minus 60 degrees Celsius – in order to free a rope that was wrapped around the propeller. Or how after major heart surgery to repair a massive aneurysm he dragged a sled 650 kilometres to become the first Australian to reach both magnetic poles.

A Step Too Far is Peter’s story. It is a tale of gripping adventure and survival in some of the planet’s most inhospitable regions,as well as a profound insight into what drives a person to take such risks in the search for the new adrenalin highs, and the strain and stresses it places on those who love them. A Step Too Far is an exciting and utterly absorbing study of a great Australian adventurer.

What they said about his book, A Step Too Far:

‘Reading this story you can’t help wondering. “How would I have fared in the face of such adversity?” I applaud Peter Bland's enthusiasm, His optimism and his tenacity – there should be more people like him.’ PETER HILLARY

‘What Bland and Watson achieved without achieving their goal just reeks of what makes great men –determination, resiliency, total belief in themselves, sacrifice, stubbornness, inordinate amounts of courage and trust in their partner and team-mates....Bland epitomises a great quote: “Your dreams are the blue print to reality.”’ GREG NORMAN

‘Peter Bland’s story is an extraordinary one. It is not only a tale of gripping adventure, but also a deep and thoughtful look at what makes a person push themselves to the edge, and the hidden costs this can have onboth themselves and those closest to them.’ BETTY CUTHBERT

‘Peter Bland is a very focused man who has overcome many hurdles and achieved many of the goals he has set himself in life. This book.... provides a great insight into what drives individuals like Peter to do what theydo.’ STUART DIVER

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Peter’s Book and go to the National Heart Foundation of Australia to fund life-saving research and prevention programs

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